We are a team of experts

through success
of our customers

By offering them a professional quality website and efficient tools to develop their direct bookings.

About the company

Our company is specialized in the realization of websites with high added value in the world of tourism and in particular for vacation rentals. We have been established in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui for more than 10 years.

Actors on the vacation rental market since the beginning of the company, we have listened to property owners and we know that the majority of them do not really have the use of these « all-in-one » solutions. Whether for reasons of budget, computer knowledge or simply pure utility, they prefer flexible solutions that really fit their needs.

The Team

Although our headquarters are based in Koh Samui, we work with exceptionally talented web designers from around the world. Many of them work remotely, which is becoming a standard for us.

Our team produces clear, easy-to-use designs for vacationers. It’s always complicated to keep it simple. Each template has been tested by regular users, and we have studied their behavior. The result are templates with a strong personality, appealing to trigger a direct booking.